know you/know us
If we were to go ahead and design a room for you without knowing anything about you, well, we would be designing for ourselves, and that is just not what we're all about. So, how do we get to know you without those aforementioned lunches? If you are within 50 miles of the Philadelphia area, we come to see your space. If not, we ask you to forward us digital photographs and critical dimensions. In both cases, we ask a lot of questions. You give us your answers; we have a window into your soul. You may not think that your favorite movie has anything to do with paint color, but we beg to differ. Without those questions answered, we are almost nowhere.

Test the water with a concept
The last thing we need is to go whole hog with a design concept that for some reason, unknown to us, reminds you of something that you don't want to be reminded of. So, with your input, we get a preliminary scheme together, and we test it to make sure we're going in the right direction.

Explore the concept/nail down the specifics
We flesh out the approved concept, make sure nothing is missing. We might need some more input from you, we may think of something new. Duration will depend on your project size.

Provide the map
We send you a package that contains the tools you need to implement your design. It is your map. Depending on your project, it could include finish selections, furniture and window treatment suggestions, furniture plans, and/or lighting schemes. No more questions, no fear. You can go forth with authority. Have a great time. (And if you don't see a road sign and need help getting back on track, don't worry, we're still here.)


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